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Synopsis of Senate Bill 345 (S.345) introduced by Senator Tom Davis
  1. Adds definition of collaboration for experienced Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nursing Specialists, Certified Nurse Midwives for the Collaborative Practice Agreement.  
  2. Adds supervision to the definition of collaboration for new graduates with less than 1875 hours (37.5 hours x 50 weeks = 1875 hours)
  3. Replaces "Delegated Acts" with "Additional Acts"
  4. Deletes mileage requirements
  5. Adds the ability for APRNs to sign for Schedule 2 drugs
  6. Adds that APRNs can write for C2 for 30 days, with renewals
  7. Removes Ratios
  8. Added authorization for APRNs to:
  • Order Physical Therapy
  • Provide samples at Free Medical Clinics
  • Sign Handicapped Placards
  • Sign Home Bound Forms
  • Order Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Sign Death Certificates
House Bill 3772 (H.3772) introduced by Representatives Clary,
Cobb-Hunter, and Herbkersman 
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