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Full practice authority bill filed!

We are appealing to our membership to contact their South Carolina State Representatives and Senators and urge their support for our bill – Senate Bill 553!

This is the start of the two-year session and it may take the full two years to push this bill to law.  The governor has already said he will sign whatever we bring him.

When talking to legislators or people of influence, remember this is about Access to Healthcare in SC.  After our 2018 bill passed, more APRNs went to the rural areas and more physicians left the rural areas.  This has been documented by AHEC.

💰 Coalition Needs Donations!

The Coalition will be looking to hire a second lobbyist and is asking for donations.  To pass the 2018 bill – which took us four years  – cost us well over $100,000.  We expect that our costs will be much higher with this bill.  Please remember, this is for our future and the future of our profession!  Please give generously!  

📫 Checks may be mailed to CAHC, PO Box 1163, Columbia, SC 29202

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